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Cider And Fennel Ham 0

Cider And Fennel Ham

Ingredients 1kg (2¼lb) smoked gammon joint, bone out 2 litres (3½pt) cider 3tbsp wholegrain mustard 2 fennel bulbs, cored and thickly sliced 800g (1lb 12oz) fmoury potatoes (such as Desiree or Maris Piper), peeled...


Healthy Body, Radiant Skin

A great complexion isn’t about what goes on to your skin, but what goes into your body – so make sure you’re eating the right foods.


20 Top time-saving tips!

Lots to do and not enough time? Don’t panic, you can fit everything in… Are you sitting comfortably, or have you got one eye on the clock?   If there’s food shopping to buy,...


Strange diets for weight loss

Eating cake instead of breakfast? Drinking oil?  They are very strange, but those who have tried them say they are effective and reduce weight. I’ve never tried any of them, but knowing them is interesting. That’s...


7 ways to reduce body fat

The vegetables play an important role in reducing hunger in people who have weight loss regimes. Meanwhile, the antioxidants in this food group excrete the toxic substances which are released during loss weight. Avoid...